Natural Treatment For Shingles The Available Methods

April 30th, 2013

Shingles remedies and medicines are few and far between so if you have the disease, you might want to consider natural treatments.

About Shingles

Shingles is a disease you can get if you’ve had Chickenpox. It can strike anyone, but those over sixty are more prone to get natural treatment for shinglesthe disease. The symptoms include flu-like aches and pains, with small blisters or a rash. It is highly contagious until the rash and/or watery blisters scab over. The pain of Shingles can last long after the rash disappears. You can get Shingles more than once.

It’s important you talk to your doctor if you think you have Shingles. There are regular medicines available for the treatment of Shingles. Like many medications, they work well for some people and not so well for others. This article is about alternative, natural products and remedies that you might want to try.

Natural Treatment Options

Natural products have always been an important source for healing. After all they were the first medicines available to us, and still today, provide some of the most gentle and effective ways to heal. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of our modern medicine formulas are based on natural plant or mineral sources. So with that in mind let’s look into some natural products for treating the painful disease of Shingles.

Terrasil with Aidance Activated Minerals

terrasil shingles creamThe first natural product is a salve. Terrasil with Aidance Activated Minerals is a patented, non prescription, all natural formula that is doctor approved and recommended. Terrasil has been awarded seven patents for its activated minerals. The combination of minerals in this salve is said to be forty times more potent than any single mineral.

There are many testimonials on this product stating that the salve relieved the pain and other symptoms within a few days, or for some, within a few weeks. The mineral formula in Terrasil is said to prevent the virus from forming the chemical bonding it needs to keep the diseased cells physical structure going.

This product is used by simply rubbing it into the rash or blistery places. It begins killing the virus just under your skin. Another wonderful aspect of this natural salve is that it has no side effects. The salve contains natural Jojoba oil, organic Beeswax and essential oils. These ingredients and others are combined with the intent to kill germs, reduce scarring, and soothe and moisturize skin. The product is supposed to help reduce inflammation and redness, and remove toxins. Other ingredients listed include natural silver plus oxygen. This product comes in a jar with in several sizes available. Prices start at $24.00.

Dimethyl Sulforide or DMSO

Dimethyl Sulforide or DMSO is a cream or liquid organic compound that contains sulfur. It occurs naturally in things like vegetables, and fruits, grains, and some animal products. DMSO penetrates through the skin. This helps decrease pain and helps heal tissues. Drawbacks of DMSO can be a redness or inflammation of the skin. Another drawback of this supplement is that even though you rub it on, it can cause bad breath just like garlic.


Chlorophyllin is what is known as a Chemoprotein. This is what makes green plants, green. It is related to Protoheme, which makes blood, red. Chlorophyllin helps remove various toxins through the liver and is a main ingredient in a detoxification regimen. It is recognized as an efficient anti-inflammatory agent. This is an oral supplement.


acupuncture for shinglesAcupuncture has been the main medical treatment in China for the past 5000 years. Versatile and effective, the idea behind Acupuncture is that the human body has a network of energy paths. Through these energy paths the natural, vital energy circulates. This energy is known as Chi or Qi, the paths are called Meridians. The Meridians have specific points that function similar to a door or gate. The Chi, or energy, travels thru the Meridians, or paths, passing through these doors or gates. Practitioners believe illness and its symptoms are caused by problems in the circulation of Chi, or energy, through the Meridians, or paths. In other words a blockage has stopped or slowed the energy.

They then insert needles along the points of the doors or gates to help release the blockage. There are many different varieties of acupuncture available. There are other ways to unblock the doors, or points, besides the needle method of stimulation. One such method is the heat from burning herbs placed on the points or an herbal paste that is placed on the points. Pressure instead of needles has also been used. This can help alleviate pain and eventually other symptoms of Shingles.

So if you have Shingles there are many options to consider besides the ones that come with the warning, “Side effects should be reported to your Doctor.”

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