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Hi! I’m James Williams,

For many years I was in the same boat as you. Shingles almost got the better of me and it seemed that no-one in the so called medical profession understood or cared. Finally I reached a point where enough was enough and I came to realise that the only way I was going to be rid of shingles was to find a way to defeat it myself.

What came about from this realisation was a determination to really get to the bottom of the problem. My problem was shingles. I needed to focus my scientific mind on exactly what shingles was, how it worked and what it’s strengths and weaknesses were. From this, I could learn how to defeat it.

My reasoning paid off! I found a method by which all types of shingles cases – whether it be an acute case in it’s first week or the type of case which features multiple re-occurrences, could be successfully combatted.

finally there is a cure for shingles

cure shingles without pills

Rest assured, this is not a gimmick. If you are looking for some magic beans or brightly coloured pills which do absolutely nothing, you need to go elsewhere.

What I have produced is a book created following years of intense empirical research into the pathological features of shingles; studying by observation the features of the shingles disease organism itself and how it reacts with the human body. I’ll admit that this was no easy feat and I had to carry out all of this work without the help of the medical profession.

The established medical orthodoxy was pretty much unanimous when it came to discussing shingles. They all said that nothing could really be done, that if you were struck by shingles you would have to put up with it for as long as it took for the illness to work it’s way out of your body and that the only ‘treatment’ available would be very general painkillers and anti-viral medication.

As soon as I began to challenge this and started to ask questions about it, I started to get a range of reactions from the medical profession varying from blanket denials and a failure to respond at all, through to actual anger and hostility.

What I found out by hard experience was that doctors very often do not like being told that their ideas might be open to challenge – particularly from an outsider.

What I had discovered though is that there is an effective way of treating shingles and its long term effects – even in those cases where antiviral medication has failed. Unfortunately it seemed that this was something that doctors were rather reluctant – or perhaps even uninterested to hear.

fight shingles disease

That’s right. Your first step towards defeating shingles is to come to my website and you’ve done that already – so congratulations. It may be that you’ve just been diagnosed with shingles today. It may be that it’s your first encounter of the illness but it’s taking weeks or even months for it to go away.

You may in fact be one of the thousands of unlucky people who are plagued by the fact that shingles can lay dormant before striking again, time and again.

If you are a newcomer to this disease, I hate to be the bringer of bad news but you should know that the list of potential symptoms is depressingly long.

These include the following:

doctors cannot cure shingles

shingles iconA general feeling of muscle pain to begin with, almost like flu

shingles iconA tingling, burning type sensation in a specific area of the skin

shingles iconFever and headache and sometimes a swelling of the lymph nodes

shingles iconA band of spots and then a rash at a specific part of your body – very often the head or the side of the trunk

shingles iconInfection over the site of the rash – leaving it prone to additional tissue damage from bacteria

shingles iconPostherpetic neuralgia leading to chronic nerve pain

shingles iconUlceration of the eye – in those cases where the shingles rash occurs in the area of the eye – known as Zoster Ophthalmicus.

shingles iconStress and depression – particularly where the illness lingers on for a long period

Everyone is different and not everyone will experience all of those symptoms. However even the most mild case of shingles can be extremely debilitating – something of which I am all too aware.

Even if you are one of the ‘lucky’ ones who are only ill for a month or so, you are likely to feel rotten for that period and it’s rather like being struck with a pretty bad case of the flu. You are likely to be tired and lacking in the energy or motivation to do even the simplest of tasks. The chances are that you’ll have a rash and the itchiness of that rash will be a source of constant irritation.

Two in ten unlucky sufferers of shingles go on to develop a particularly nasty condition called ‘postherpetic neuralgia’ which hangs around long after the actual shingles has gone. Not only can this cause nerve pain and stabbing pain – most often at the site where the rash was, it can also cause a general hypersensitivity to pain and even a condition called allodynia – the experiencing of pain from those sensations that simply shouldn’t hurt – eg brushing up against something. Basically it’s as if your nerve endings have gone haywire and have stopped working properly.

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The quicker you order the Cure For Shingles guide, the quicker you’ll be able to get to work on defeating the illness. It’s worth remembering that when you are first diagnosed there is absolutely no-one who can tell you how long your symptoms are going to last.

shingles research by scientist

Oh, and you know that Postherpetic Neuralgia condition I mentioned earlier which can lead to chronic nerve pain and which has been shown to affect about two in ten shingles sufferers?

Well think of it this way. About a quarter of adults will get shingles at some point. You’ll easily know at least four people who are still going to get shingles (statistically). If you were to get it as well, then again, statistically between you and those four friends, at least one of you is probably going to develop a debilitating nerve condition. It’s certainly worth thinking about and it’s also worth taking all the steps you can to stop shingles in its path.

Act Now, If you’re a brand new patient!

It’s time to order Cure for Shingles now before the illness takes a hold and before it has the chance to wreck your health, your family life and your career.

Act Now, If you’re a long term sufferer!

It’s time to order Cure for Shingles to stem the tide of the illness and start claiming your life back, bit by bit.

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my story find out how I cured shingles

So here’s the thing, up until about ten years ago, I was fit. Not just healthy but ‘fit’ – the type of guy who would compete in triathlons and who would be at the gym four times a week. I was enjoying my life and my career was going great and I had recently got married.

That all changed one week in April. I woke up one morning and could barely crawl out of bed. Putting it down to the onset of flu, I phoned in sick to the lab where I worked and put my email onto auto reply, saying that I’d be available again in a couple of days time. It was the first time that I’d ever taken any time off due to illness.

shingles within the body

shingles on back

It was time to see my doctor. Now, I’m the very opposite of the hippy new age type of guy who doesn’t trust doctors; I fully expected my family physician to tell me what was wrong, give me some pills and set me on the road to recovery.

Trouble was, it didn’t work out like that. After finding out that I’d had chicken pox, the diagnosis from the doctor was clear; it was shingles. At least I knew what was wrong with me (I can at least give the doc credit for that!) but the hard part was actually bringing about a recovery.

At first I was told to give it a few weeks. No change. I was then told to give it a couple of months. No change. My rash went away but I was left with an ugly scar.

Eventually I was put on a course of antiviral tablets. The flu like symptoms went away but what I was left with was the dreaded Postherpetic Neuralgia. This left me with constant stabbing pain across my back which I simply couldn’t get rid of. I was popping analgesic pills at a terrific rate but all this was doing was masking the pain. The painkillers were themselves leading to some irritating side effects.

I hadn’t slept properly in months and the whole experience was beginning to put a terrible strain on my marriage. My career was suffering as not only were there whole weeks when I couldn’t get into the lab at all, when I was there, I just couldn’t stay focused.

Yep, I was in a real downward spiral and something had to be done. It felt as if my own doctor had given up on me completely. I’d been back and forth to his office more times in two years than I had during all of my life prior to then.

If the medics were unable to help then what was there left? It got to a point that I even tried acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and hypnotherapy – all without any luck.

how long does it take to cure shingles

I started out with some research on the very basics and built it up from there. I got to the bottom of understanding what exactly shingles is. You have to remember that the disease is a reactivation of the varicella zoster infection – commonly known as chicken pox.

So, you, I and approximately 95% of the population had chicken pox when we were kids. For an unlucky minority of those people, something rather remarkable happens in later life. That chicken pox virus which, it turns out, never really went away but was lying dormant in our bodies, decides to travel back up the nerves of the skin where it presents itself as a rash in a particular part of the body.

For me, this led to certain questions:

common shingles symptoms

shingles iconWhy do only some people get shingles?

shingles iconHow can we help prevent it?

shingles iconHow can we get rid of it once it arrives?

shingles iconWhich treatments work and which are a waste of time?

shingles iconHow do we safely and effectively combat skin inflammation and scarring?

shingles iconHow do we deal with muscle pain?

shingles iconWhat can we do in our diet and in our environment to prevent shingles and to cure it?

I am proud to say that the answers to these questions were found after painstaking research involving collaboration with leading experts. What Cure for Shingles reveals is the way in which the illness works, the way it reacts against the human body and the ways in which that process can be effectively stopped or prevented.

what can cure shingles

shingles research project

Readers of my carefully compiled study Cure for Shingles will essentially be granted full access to the fruits of my groundbreaking research. Knowledge is key, and armed with the knowledge explained fully in my book, you will have everything you need to recover from shingles, fast.


This includes:


Anyone who pays close attention to the news will be aware that the pharmaceutical industry cannot always be trusted. If your doctor has prescribed medication, how can you be sure that the medication is right for you? For years, shingles patients have been suffering needlessly because of inappropriate prescriptions. I reveal what you should take and what you should steer clear of.


I reveal an important, naturally occurring substance which, if used correctly can get rid of 80% of shingles cases.


Vitamins, when correctly administered in the right dosage are a fantastic weapon against shingles. I will teach you exactly what to take and how to take it.


What my book reveals is that through the application of science, I have been able to identify the perfect mix of ingredients – many of which are commonly found in the average home, and which will enable you to defeat shingles.


The average doctor might encourage ‘healthy eating’ to aid recovery from shingles. My research reveals that it’s a bit more complicated than that. What is identified in my book is the list of foods proven to help in your fight to recovery and, more importantly, those foods which, if you were to take them, would drastically reduce your chances of a speedy cure.


I give comprehensive guidance on what to do and what not to do with your rash. A word of advice: camomile lotion is by no means the whole solution regardless of what your doctor says.


I reveal that even very simple adjustments to your home could dramatically reduce your recovery time.


All about this awful affliction of the eye which can occur as a result of shingles – and how to beat it.


The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACT TO KNOW ABOUT HOW TO BEAT SHINGLES. This information in itself makes Cure for Shingles an essential purchase.

how to beat shingles

shingles ebook cover

The ebook Cure for Shingles is packed with vital information yet extremely easy to navigate. It is a distillation of scientific research in a practical format with multiple chapter headings enabling you to get what you need, quickly.

If you are suffering from shingles, act quickly and obtain it to maximise your chances of a quick recovery.

IMPORTANT: It has long been recognised that certain groups are particularly susceptible to shingles. If you or a family member are elderly, pregnant, or immunodeficient in any way, you ought to have a copy of this book in case of future infection. Time is of the essence and speedy commencement of the steps recommended in this book will maximise recovery prospects.

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Everyone interested in fighting shingles should read this book, when you make your order you will get instant access to the Cure For Shingles guide for the one time payment of $37 which also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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WHAT IS MORE… I am so convinced that Cure For Shingles will help improve your health that if you are not entirely satisfied you may claim a FULL REFUND within 60 days of purchase.

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learn how to cure shingles quickly

By now, you have a good idea what Cure For shingles is all about. Do not let shingles ruin your life, get instant access to cure for shingles today and start living the healthy life you deserve.

Cure for shingles has been developed through extensive research to help ease the symptoms of shingles fast and for permanent lasting relief. Cure for shingles is only available at this website, you will not find it anywhere else, if for any reason at all you feel cure for shingles isn’t for you, simply ask for a refund within 60 days and we will give you your money back without questions. There is no risk to you at all, if you suffer from shingles you need this guide.

So take action & order now :

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how to cure shingles

Thank you for your time – and most important of all, take care.

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